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Tips to Avoid a Cyber Breach

Posted Dec 3rd, 2015 in General, Insurance Tips, Commercial Insurance, Did You Know?

Does your company store private data on a network? If so, they are at risk for a potential cyber data breach; learn how you can avoid a cyber breach with the following tips.

Considering the digital age we are living in, the potential risk of your business having a cyber breach is likely. In an effort to negate this potential risk many companies are purchasing cyber liability insurance. The benefit of purchasing cyber liability insurance is that you will have protection, if your company ever encounters a cyber data breach.

In an effort to keep you informed on potential insurance risks, we have provided you with tips to help avoid a cyber breach at your businessIn an effort to keep you informed on potential insurance risks, we have provided you with tips to help avoid a cyber breach at your business; 

Tips to Avoid a Cyber Breach

  1. Take every precaution with laptops, phones etc. that contain customer information
  2. When outside your business avoid using public wifi
  3. If you require internet access to connect to your company network, use a protected VPN log in to ensure it is secure
  4. Contact an I.T. professional  to ensure the data on your network is encrypted
  5. Make certain all antivirus, malware protection software is up to date and your firewalls are enabled
  6. Contact Youngs Insurance Brokers to ensure you have cyber liability insurance for your business

Any privacy breach, be it theft, loss, or unauthorized access to confidential digital files can have devastating repercussions for your business. For example, a cyber breach may compromise your reputation and financial position; this is why having Cyber Liability insurance coverage is essential.

Speak with your Youngs Insurance Broker today to discuss adding Cyber Liability insurance to your commercial policy and how this coverage can minimize your risk.

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