Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween is quickly approaching and with all the candy filled excitement in the air often we forget that there are things we can do to ensure our children and property are safe during this Spooktactular holiday.  Check out our safety tips!

Youngs Insurance provides Halloween safety tips

We at Youngs Insurance want to ensure you are aware of these things, so we have prepared an outline of Halloween safety tips for you to review!

Did you know that children under the age of 12 should have adult supervision on Halloween night? Here are some other Halloween safety tips to consider.

Halloween Safety Tips for children:

  • Ensure you have reflective tape on your costume (front and back) and on Halloween treat bag
  • Face paint & make up are safer than a mask that can obstruct a child’s vision
  • Carry glow sticks or flash lights when walking to ensure drivers can see you
  • Bring a cell phone (in case of emergency) but do not walk and text!
  • Travel in groups of 3 or more
  • Cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks
  • Advise your children to make eye contact with drivers before they cross in front of them
  • Don’t visit houses that are not well lit -never enter a stranger's house
  • Don't criss-cross back and forth across the street - work your way up one side of the street, and then start on the other
  • If you have any allergies, tell the person who is giving out the treats
  • Children shouldn’t eat treats before parents look through treats to ensure everything is okay

Halloween Safety Tips for homeowners:

  • Ensure all outdoor lighting works (replace burnt-out bulbs) and have all outdoor lighting on for trick-or-treaters
  • Remove anything that could be a tripping hazard, including wet leaves
  • It is safer to use flameless (battery powered) candles in your pumpkins, rather than real candles
  • Be aware of allergies – consider peanut free candy, or alternatives such as stickers, erasers or a yo-yo

If you are driving on Halloween night, please be extra careful – drive slowly, anticipate pedestrian traffic and ensure you have your headlights on. We hope you benefit from our Halloween Safety tips and you enjoy a safe and Spooktacular Halloween!

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