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If you’re renting an apartment, condo, or house, tenant insurance can protect you and your belongings. Your rental property houses your most valuable items and it’s important to have some legal liability. Youngs Insurance Brokers Inc. can work with you to determine if this coverage is right for you.

What Is Tenant Insurance?

Tenant insurance, also called renters’ insurance, protects your personal property and personal liability when renting a property. It provides some of the benefits of homeowners’ insurance, but does not include coverage for the dwelling, or structure, except for minor alterations that a tenant makes.

This type of insurance protects what your landlord’s insurance doesn’t, including coverage for the contents in your unit, liability coverage for any damage to another unit resulting from an incident that started in your unit, and if someone is ever injured in your unit.

How You're Protected

The Contents of Your Unit

Protects you financially against insured damage or loss to furniture, clothing, and other personal property inside your rental home.

Personal Liability Claims

Help financially protect you if you accidentally damage someone’s property or cause bodily injury and have to pay.

Additional Living Living Expenses

Help cover expenses like moving costs, or temporary living expenses if you can’t live in your rental while repairs are being made after a claim has been made.

What Is Not Covered

Tenant insurance does not cover:

  • High value items including jewelry or fine art
  • General damages caused by natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis

Keep in mind, you will need to consider a separate policy for these coverages. It is important to note that tenant insurance only protects your stuff. If you have a roommate, they will not be protected under your policy and vice versa. 

If you're looking for the right tenant insurance, our brokers can help you find suitable coverage options at a great price.

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Tenant Insurance FAQs

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