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The Key to Avoiding Fall Motorcycle Riding Hazards

Posted Oct 20th, 2021 in Motorcycling Tips

With a new season comes new riding hazards on the road. Make sure you’re prepared for a safe motorcycle ride with our tips on how to avoid these fall hazards.

The Key to Avoiding Fall Motorcycle Riding Hazards, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

Don’t miss out on the fall motorcycle riding experience due to potential hazards. You can learn how to safely deal with the dangers of the fall season below.

Three Fall Motorcycle Riding Hazards

1. Wildlife

The OPP reports an average of 10,000 drivers who hit wild animals every year. The peak months are from October to January as these tend to be deer migrating and mating season. November is the most dangerous month, so be sure to always keep an eye out for deer and other wildlife when you’re out riding this fall. Hitting wildlife can be even more dangerous for a motorcycle rider than a driver.

2. Sunlight

Not only in the fall season do we lose sunlight and see dark skies sooner, but the sun also sits lower which often causes an uncomfortable and potentially hazardous glare. This can distract you while motorcycle riding and can affect other motorcycle riders or drivers, too. Even with sunglasses this glare can be tough to deal with so remember to keep extra control of your speed throughout the fall season.

3. Road Obstruction

Potholes can be a threat to motorcyclists, so be sure to always be aware of what is on the road ahead of you. If you spot a pothole, slow down to avoid sudden breaking or swerving. We will often notice wet leaves when riding in the fall, too. This can be a slippery hazard, so again control your speed and try to avoid riding over wet leave patches as much as possible.

Now that you are aware of the possible dangers of motorcycle riding in the fall and how to safely avoid them, you can extend your riding season with ease.

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