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Must Know Safety Tips When Riding with Children

Posted May 26th, 2021 in Motorcycling Tips

The more you spend time riding, the more likely your children will want to come with you. Read below to find out the proper safety precautions to take when riding with children in Ontario. 

Must Know Safety Tips When Riding with Children, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

It is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, so we want to give you the best tips to not only keep yourself safe as a rider, but to keep your passengers safe too, especially the little ones. The best way to keep your children safe while riding is to be prepared. Check out our best safety tips below to make sure you are ready for when your children start asking if they can come along for the ride.

Children Passenger Safety Tips

Proper Gear

One of the most important ways to ensure your children’s safety when they’re a passenger is to ensure they are wearing the proper gear. Your children will need a proper helmet which should be full coverage with a chin bar and hard foam in the shell. You want the helmet to fit snug, so it stays put. It’s important to continue to get your children fitted for the proper size helmet as they continue to grow. They should also have other gear to keep them safe while you’re riding like a jacket, boots, and knee guards.

Proper Positioning

The positioning of your children is very important when it comes to safety and they should not be placed in front of you when you are riding. Your children may not be able to hold on to you for as long as you believe they can so the best way to keep them safe as you’re riding is to secure them to you using a belt.

Know the Laws

It is also important to know the laws about children as passengers. Here in Ontario, we have Bill 117; Highway Traffic Amendment Act which prohibits riding with passengers under 14 years old on highways. Be sure to follow the laws of your location in order to keep your children safe.

Safety is the priority when it comes to our children, so do as much as you can to ensure their safety and yours. 


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