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Great Tips on How To Pet Proof Your Apartment

Posted Sep 23rd, 2020 in ADVICE

How To Pet Proof Your Apartment, SnapQuote Insurance, Ontario

Pet proofing your apartment doesn’t just protect your space, it protects your pet, too. Following these tips will help make your life easier and will also keep your new pet safe in your space!

Tips to Help You Pet-Proof Your Space

Whether you're adopting a small kitten, tea-cup Yorkie, or a big Great Dane, you should pet-proof your apartment. Trust us, bringing a new pet home, regardless of their age or size, is a lot of work. So, be prepared for the things you can control - you'll thank yourself later. 

Tip 1 | Set Boundaries And Create a Designated Space For Your Pet

Dedicate a closed-off space for your pet to call their own. Ideally, make it a spot that isn’t on the carpet and easy to clean in case there are some messes. Your apartment is a new space for your pet, so they are going to want to explore. Letting them explore unsupervised or having free reign of the entire space can be dangerous for you and your furry friend. Make sure you always have an eye on them!

Tip 2 | Keep Your Essential Oils Away From Your Pet

Sure, there are health benefits of essential oils or diffusers for humans but for your pets, the ingredients can be toxic. Err on the side of caution and find other ways to bring healing or wonderful smells into your apartment!

Tip 3 | Keep Plants Out Of Reach, Too

Just as essential oils can be toxic, so can certain plants if your pet eats them. Keep them on a high shelf and out of reach so your pet doesn't confuse the plant for a snack. 

Tip 4 | Cover-Up Wires And Cords

Make sure you cover any wires or have them mounted high enough that your pet can’t get at it. Your phone charger can easily be mistaken for a chew toy. Make sure to redirect your pet's attention to their actual toys when they have wandering eyes to get into things they shouldn't be playing with. 

Tip 5 | Use Baby Gates For Your Fur Baby 

You don’t need to spend a boatload of money on expensive pet-specific gates, baby gates as just as effective. Use them to block off sections of the apartment you don’t want your pet getting into. This will be a game-changer. No baby gates? Stack some boxes or create some kind of "wall" or division. 

Tip 6 | Clear The Area Of Food

It's no longer just you, or you and your roommate! Don’t leave snacks or plates of food out for your pet to find. Even garbage like empty chip bags can be a safety hazard to your pet.

Tip 7 | Pet-Proof Doors And Cabinets

Pets are curious creatures, especially if left alone! For the same reason we suggest using baby gates, we suggest getting some child/pet safe locks to put on doors or cabinets. It keeps your pet safe and will keep you from coming home to surprises in your apartment. 

Hopefully, these safety tips make it a bit easier to be a new pet parent. Enjoy all of the happiness your pet brings to your life - we know you'll do great! If you want to take your pet for a ride, read this!

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