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How to Become Your Mechanic's Best Customer

Posted Jun 17th, 2020 in Motorcycling Tips

As a motorcycle owner, it’s safe to say that besides your family and close friends, there's no person more important than your motorcycle mechanic. Do you know how you can become their best customer?

How to Become Your Mechanic's Best Customer, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

When we say “best customer” we don’t mean the customer whose motorcycle is constantly in the shop paying the mechanics bills.  We are talking about the customer who makes being a mechanic enjoyable.

How to Become Your Mechanic's Best Customer

#1 Respect Their Knowledge

A motorcycle mechanic goes through many years of training and has thousands of hours of experience under their belt. It’s okay to ask questions but no one wants a customer who constantly questions their work.

#2 Express Your Passion

Having a customer who shares the same passion for motorcycles makes a motorcycle mechanic’s life more enjoyable. Whether it's talking about their bike or talking about motorcycles in general, a passionate customer is an enjoyable one.

#3 Don’t Expect Freebies

Your motorcycle mechanic likely relies on their craft to make a living and if they’re constantly handing out freebies they’ll have no money. So when they quote you a price, don’t expect them to do added work for free.

#4 Don’t Be Annoying

Once you’ve left your bike with your motorcycle mechanic, let them do their job. Don’t constantly call to check-in for updates; it’s fine to call occasionally, but no more than that. The work on your motorcycle will be done when it's done.

We hope these tips help you develop a better relationship with your motorcycle mechanic so you can become their best customer. Once you get your motorcycle back, we'd love to see where you're riding - you can submit your touring pictures here.

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