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How to Safely Share the Road with Transport Trucks

Posted Apr 22nd, 2020 in Motorcycling Tips

Transport trucks are inevitable when riding your motorcycle on highways. That's why it’s important to know how to safely share the road with them.

How to Safely Share the Road with Transport Trucks, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

As we know, riding a motorcycle is one of the most freeing feelings, especially on an open road with no other vehicles and beautiful views.  However, most of the time, we have to share the road, which makes knowing how to do so safely, notably with transport trucks essential. 

7 Tips on How to Safely Share the Road with Transport Trucks

#1 Don't Follow Too Closely

When following a transport truck, stay well behind so that you can see around the trailer.  When the speed limit is more than 60km/hour, the Ontario Highway Traffic Act specifies the following distance should be a minimum of 60 metres.

#2 Stay Visible

If you can’t see the driver in the mirrors, then the transport truck driver can’t see you on your motorcycle.

#3 Pass Properly

Stay to the left of the lane when approaching and passing a truck on the left.  Keep your speed consistent so that the truck driver can see you better and know exactly where you are on the road.

#4 Don't Keep Following

Try to avoid following a transport truck for extended periods of time – you can become injured by dirt that gets thrown from the truck’s wheels.

#5 Smooth and Steady

Avoid rapid movement that brings you in and out of the truck driver’s line of sight. 

#6 Think Before You Pull in Front

Before pulling in front of a transport truck, ensure you can see the entire front truck and space to either side in your mirrors.

#7 Watch Our for Wind

Wind turbulence can occur when you are riding behind a transport truck so be sure to keep your distance and maintain a safe speed.

It’s important to remember that motorcycles are much smaller than cars so we’re harder to see.  Always ride at a safe speed, especially around transport trucks.

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