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Why More Women Are Riding Motorcycles

Posted Mar 4th, 2020 in Motorcycling Tips

Guess what? More women get into riding motorcycles each year and we know exactly why. Read this article for everything you need to know.

Why More Women Are Riding Motorcycles, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

    Who wouldn’t want the adventure of a lifetime?

    It’s ridiculous to think that riding is just for men. In fact, in Ontario, women purchase 18-20% of all new motorcycles each year, and sales are steadily rising.  

    There are numerous benefits to riding

    When it comes to how much better your life will be if you incorporate riding a motorcycle into it, we’ve shared 5 tops reasons here.

    The five top reasons women are enticed by motorcycle riding

    1. Adventure - Women love the adventure that comes along with riding a motorcycle. 
    2. Evolved Marketing - The motorcycle industry has made a significant shift to include women in their marketing campaigns, since the increase of female riders. Similarly, there are many companies creating “women-friendly” motorcycles that feature unique adjustments such as lower seat height, lightweight, expanded colour options.  
    3. Sense of Freedom – Everyone who has enjoyed a motorcycle ride knows how powerful and freeing it feels. Women are no different, they share the infectious and liberating joy that comes from the open road.  
    4. Overcoming Fears - Many women like to challenge themselves and try something new.  Learning to ride a motorcycle establishes a feeling of accomplishment.
    5. A Sense of Community – anyone who rides can attest to the comradery of the motorcycle community – there is a specific and unique brotherhood/sisterhood that connects all riders.  

    Considering the growth of female-driven events such as the International Female Ride Day, we know there will continue to be more women representation within our motorcycle community.

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