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The Best Recommendations for Buying a Motorcycle

Posted Apr 24th, 2019 in Motorcycling Tips

We all have our dream motorcycle, the one we’ve been talking about for years. We’re here to tell you exactly when and what time you should buy your dream bike.

The Best Recommendations for Buying a Motorcycle, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

We’ve been dreaming about our ideal bike forever, unfortunately, we never seem to muster up the courage to pull the trigger and actually buy it. Don’t worry, this type of thing takes planning and we’ve got your back with the perfect time to buy that motorcycle.

4 of the Best Recommendations for Buying a Motorcycle

    #1 February = Short Month = Good For Your Pocket…

    When is the best time to buy your new motorcycle? Believe it or not, it’s February!!!

    February is 8% shorter than other months so sales people with quotas to meet may be more willing to cut a deal on your new motorcycle, especially at the end of the month if they are on the bubble.

    #2 Winter Time…

    The cold, short days of February and the simple fact motorcycles aren’t on people’s minds at the time, mean empty dealership showrooms. Dealers are often willing to give a good price on last year's model and are often looking to just move a motorcycle to bring in cash during the winter.

    #3 When People Aren’t Shopping Anymore…

    Much of a motorcycle dealer’s profit doesn’t come from bike sales, a lot of it comes from services and accessories. People are no longer buying Christmas gifts or things of that nature so dealers are often slashing the price on your new motorcycle to bring in some cash.

    #4 When to Get the Most for Your Motorcycle…

    At this time of year, dealers are looking to get in used motorcycles to ensure their supply will meet demand come the springtime rush where buyers will often pay more for their motorcycle. This means that in February, you can get more for your used one.

    After you saved money on the buying and selling of your motorcycle, don’t forget to check us out and save on your insurance as well! You’ll thank us later…

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