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Youngs’ 108th Birthday Charitable Nominee | Niagara Children's Centre

Posted Apr 20th, 2018 in 108 Submission

Niagara Children's Centre

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Youngs Insurance Brokers' 108th Birthday Charitable Nominee, Niagara Children's Centre

I am nominating the Niagara Children's Centre because it plays a vital role in the Niagara Region in providing rehabilitation and support services to children and youth with physical, developmental and communicative delays and disabilities. My 3-year-old son, Alexander, is one of the many children who benefit from their services and also benefits from your generosity in supporting the Centre through donations.

The Niagara Children's Centre has been our second home. I really do not know where we would be without our amazing team. My son has been attending the Centre since he was 7 months old. He has had a rehabilitation team which includes Occupational, Speech and Physio therapy along with a Social Worker, participated in recreational therapy, the Gait Lab, and the Intensive Preschool Resource Program.
The quality of care and therapy he receives is truly invaluable. Having a child with special needs can be a very isolating journey. However, the staff at the Centre make it clear that we are not alone. You know the proverb... "it takes a village to raise a child"? The Niagara Children's Centre is a huge part of our village.

Not only do they help the children, they help the entire family. They have given my husband and I the confidence and tools to continue therapy at home and care for our son in the best way possible.

Not only is it amazing to have a facility of it's kind in the Region but the support and services are incredible and life-changing to so many. The Niagara Children's Centre has been our light in a time of uncertainty. I know that Youngs Insurance generous donation will allow that light to shine onto other families who need it as well!

All 4 winning charities will be announced on our 108th Birthday, May 10th 2018!

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