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What You Should Know Before Riding Your Bike to Work

Posted Jul 24th, 2017 in Motorcycling Tips

Commuting to work on your motorcycle can give you more ride time, but you might run into rush-hour traffic, crowded parking lots, and unpredictable weather. Be prepared and plan ahead to make your commute a safe one.

Before Riding Your Bike to Work, StreetRider Insurance, Ontario

You enjoy riding your bike on the weekends, so why not ride it the other five days of the week? 

Make Yourself Visible on your Motorcycle

Riding your motorcycle to work, means wearing all your gear there too. Armored jacket and pants, gloves, and boots will help to keep you safe on the road. A one-piece riding suit is a good option that can be worn over your work clothes. You can quickly zip in and out of it too. You will also need your helmet. A full-coverage helmet will give you the most protection. Look for flip-up or modular helmets for added convenience. Your gear should be brightly coloured to help you stand out in traffic. You can also wear safety vests made for motorcyclists over your riding jacket or suit.

Take Care of Your Motorcycle

If you are counting on your motorcycle for a safe commute to work, you need to keep up with regular maintenance by:

  • Checking tire pressure and looking for wear or damage
  • Checking oil levels when you fill up for gas and getting regular oil changes
  • Make sure that the horn, lights, and signals are working

You should also have proper storage for items, such as your lunch, laptop, and work shoes. Hard-sided lockable luggage can keep your items dry and protected. You can have your bike fitted with this accessory.

Stay Alert

It is important to stay focused on the road, and not the stress of the work day. You should be on high alert, scanning the road, and looking ahead. Avoid bad situations by keeping a safe distance between you and other cars and stay out of blind spots. Make sure you have a good view of the road in front of you.

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