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HR News | Cyberbullying insurance to cover against wrongful termination

Posted Jun 29th, 2016

Cyberbullying insurance to cover legal costs against wrongful termination

Chubb brings insurance to Canada

By The Canadian Press

TORONTO (CP) - In a sign of the times, Chubb has brought its cyberbullying insurance to Canada.

The coverage for homeowners provides up to $60,000 to pay for a victim's expenses related to harassment and intimidation committed by computer, phone or mobile devices.

It suggests costs could include legal defence against wrongful termination or false arrest.

Costs could also include medical treatment for mental anguish or shock, security consultants and professional public relations services.

Chubb's coverage for victims of cyberbullying was introduced in the U.K. in December and has been offered in the United States since March.

The price of the Canadian insurance wasn't immediately available.

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