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Bundle Your Home & Auto Insurance... and Save!

Posted Oct 16th, 2014 in General

Bundle Your Home & Auto Insurance... and Save!

Talk to our brokers about how you can save time, money...and bundling your home and auto insurance into one policy.

It makes sense in so many ways. When you combine your home and auto insurance, you could save:

  • up to 17% on your car insurance, and
  • up to 10% on your home insurance.

Combining your coverage gives you even more benefits!

ONE PACKAGE – All your coverage is in one place with one insurer—convenient and easy to manage.

ONE PAYMENT – Receive a single bill—easy to pay and keep track of.

ONE DEDUCTIBLE – Pay only one deductible in the event of a car and home claim—it costs you less because you pay only once.

Interested in how finding out how much you can save?

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