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Youngs First in Movember Challenge

Posted Dec 13th, 2013 in General

Youngs First in Movember Challenge

The Youngs Team recently participated in Movember to raise money for men's health awareness - and placed first in the challenge, raising a total of $14,189.

This is the third year in a row Youngs Insurance has participated in Movember helping to raise money for men's health, specifically prostate cancer. This year, the Youngs team raised $14,159 and placed first in the Movember Insurance Challenge of Canada.

Youngs would like to thank its clients, partners, family and friends for all the generous donations and for helping them raise so much for a very important cause!

Front: (L-R) Sandy Valleriani, Marcel Turpin, Lauren Gallaccio, Frank Fucile, Justin D'Onofria
Back: (L-R) Tyler Tisdale, Greg Farr, John Vink, Sean McQueen

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