HR News | Cannabis Legalization

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HR News | Cannabis Legalization

From the Desk of HR -  Cannabis legalization: What are the risks for Employers?

The pending legalization of cannabis will present new challenges and safety risks for employers relating to impairment in the workplace. To address these concerns, The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has published a whitepaper to provide recommended measures to keep workplaces safe and reduce the potential impact of impairment in a fair and consistent manner. 

When workers are impaired on the job, whether by fatigue, use of drugs, or consumption of alcohol, it can have serious consequences.

This white paper discusses the implications associated with the use of cannabis for both therapeutic and recreational purposes. It includes information for employers, workers, and others interested in workplace health and safety, and offers guidance on how to:

  • address the potential for impairment as part of a hazard assessment 
  • establish a concise policy and program on the use of any substance that can cause impairment 
  • determine the actions the workplace can take regarding impairment 
  • implement accommodation practices where necessary, including therapeutic needs and substance dependence 
  • create a supportive, healthy and safe workplace

Note that this document does not refer to any jurisdiction-specific occupational health and safety legislation or to any human rights legislation. Where recommendations are made, they are intended as good or promising practices. To read the Whitepaper on this issue please click on the link - 

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