Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

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Not sure if you need life insurance coverage? In the case of death, life insurance can give you peace of mind knowing that your family and estate will be protected during a difficult time of loss.

Why do I need Life Insurance? Youngs Insurance, Ontario

If you don’t have life insurance, it is important to consider why you might need it.

To protect your family.

In the case of death, life insurance helps your family with a number of expenses and bills, such as mortgages and loans that are not paid off and final taxes. If you don’t have life insurance, your family is left to take care of these financial obligations. The household jobs you do are valuable too. Cleaning, maintenance, and childcare are all services that will cost money when provided by a third party. Are you young or single? Life insurance can protect your assets and family.

The sooner the better.

The older you get the more expensive life insurance gets.  The cheapest time to buy is when you are young and healthy but there are definitely options for older clients too.  It is a good idea to get coverage sooner than later so that you don’t end up paying more. If you are approved with higher premiums because of a medical condition and your pre-existing health conditions improve, your rates can go down.  You can buy life insurance for a child to lock them in at a low rate and allow their policy to paid up in a shorter amount of time.

Your existing coverage might not be enough.

In most cases group life insurance plans do not offer you as much coverage as an independent life insurance plan can. If you lose your job, you can often convert the coverage to “take it with you” but it is typically more expensive than a privately purchased plan. Mortgage life insurance only covers what is left of your mortgage amount. As your mortgage decreases so does your coverage, but the rates stay the same.  Mortgage life insurance uses a blended insurance rate for smokers and non-smokers, so non-smokers are usually overpaying.

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  • Each year the cost of life insurance increases, due to your age increasing and the risk of potential health issues – purchase life insurance today!
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